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The best sports performance experts in the country—trainers, nutritionists, sport psychologists and others—contribute STACK's Sports Performance content. These men and women work with top athletes and teams, at both the collegiate and professional level, to help them get better and make smart training, nutrition, skills and gear choices. They regularly offer the benefits of their experience to help STACK's readers and web visitors become better athletes. Read about their backgrounds and find their articles and posts—all designed to help young athletes safely and effectively boost their performance. Learn More.

Blake Schaefering

Blake Schaefering is a performance coach in Norway. He holds a CSCS with NSCA, a CPT through ACE and a CES through NASM.

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Bob Kinnison

A lifelong competitor in cycling, hockey, lacrosse and golf, Bob Kinnison started a sports psychology resource center called Athlete's Audio. The company's goal is to give psychology experts a forum to share about mental skills for sports. Visit to learn more.

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Bobby Best

Bobby Best, CSCS, is a strength coach at Fitness Rangers in Sacramento. He earned his degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he also served as a strength and conditioning coach for runners, swimmers, team athletes and MMA fighters.

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Bobby Bossman

Bobby Bossman is the director of basketball and head coach at SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. Before joining SPIRE, he co-founded and helped create the basketball academy at La Jolla Prep in San Diego. Prior to La Jolla, he was at Westwind Prep in Phoenix, where he served as head coach for their post-graduate program.

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Bobby Dattero
Bobby Dattero is an owner and performance coach at Evolution Sports Performance in Easton, MA. He holds a Master's degree in Strength and Conditioning and is CSCS certified. His areas of interest are sports performance and golf fitness.