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The best sports performance experts in the country—trainers, nutritionists, sport psychologists and others—contribute STACK's Sports Performance content. These men and women work with top athletes and teams, at both the collegiate and professional level, to help them get better and make smart training, nutrition, skills and gear choices. They regularly offer the benefits of their experience to help STACK's readers and web visitors become better athletes. Read about their backgrounds and find their articles and posts—all designed to help young athletes safely and effectively boost their performance. Learn More.

Amy Goodson

Amy Goodson is a sports dietitian in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She works with TCU Athletics, the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers and FC Dallas Soccer. In addition to professional athletes, she also sees high school athletes, weekend warriors and marathon runners.

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Amy Jamieson-Petonic

Amy Jamieson-Petonic has dedicated her life to becoming a role model for good health and performance. As a registered and licensed dietitian, exercise physiologist and licensed massage therapist, she has extensive bandwidth on the role of healthy living in her own life, and she extends her passion for wellness to those around her.

Jamieson-Petonic’s specialties include sports nutrition, wellness, and adult and childhood weight management. As a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, she has become one of the nation's top experts, consulting to organizations like the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Rockers, Cleveland-San Jose Ballet and the 2006 Olympic Figure Skating Team.

Jamieson-Petonic is a professional speaker on nutrition and fitness, complementary medicine and wellness. She is also the author of two publications: “How to Lose Weight and Feel Great without Dieting” and “No Nonsense Nutrition: Real Nutrition for Real People.” She has been quoted in

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Andrew Ciccarelli

Andrew Ciccarelli is a sport conditioning coach, certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor in Toronto, Canada. He owns Brash Fitness & Conditioning, specializing in sport-specific training and athletic development and working with combat athletes, soccer players and men and women looking to take their personal fitness to new heights. Connect with him on Twitter @BrashFitness

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Andrew Heming

Andrew Heming is a strength coach and assistant professor at Trinity Western University (Langley Township, British Columbia). He has been a strength coach since 1998, and he has worked with several National Championship teams. Heming has a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and holds the following certifications: CSCS, NSCA-CPT, NASM-PES, Pn1 and FMS1.

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Andrew Meyers
Andrew Meyers is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness in Chandler, AZ. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Athletic Training from GCU where he also ran cross country. Andrew specializes in circuit training and sports specific strength and conditioning.