Brock Christopher

Brock Christopher

Brock Christopher is the Director of Performance in the United Kingdom with Michael Johnson Performance, which is based at England’s National Football Centre in St. George’s Park. During his time with MJP, Christopher has trained and worked with athletes—including MLB, NFL, MLS, NHL, ATP, F1 and collegiate athlete—in group, team, club and private settings. Before joining MJP, Christopher founded Accolade Athletic Performance in Los Angeles, a performance company that helped athletes of all levels compete to their highest abilities. Christopher previously worked for Velocity Sports Performance in West Los Angeles as the company's Sports Performance Director and General Manager. He also worked for Proactive Sports Performance and Core Performance Center, a direct affiliate of Athletes' Performance. He graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Sports Medicine, lectures on behalf of MJP, has appeared in print and national media, and holds several certifications within the exercise and fitness field.

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