Cathy Shea


Cathy Shea

Cathy Shea has more than 26 years of experience as a coach and personal trainer. She has worked with individuals, teams, aspiring athletes and competitive athletes of all ages and fitness levels. She has performed fitness tests, prescribed exercise and nutrition plans, and implemented wellness programs for large multi-purpose health clubs. An accomplished marathoner, Shea has also coached and trained clients for a variety of running distances. She is also skilled in meeting the needs of clients seeking assistance with post-surgical and injury rehab programs, chronic pain, musculoskeletal dysfunction, and osteoarthritis. A lifelong learner, she stays abreast of current trends in the fitness, wellness and nutrition arenas. Her zeal is for sharing her passionate belief that life is enhanced when one embraces wellness. For a full list of certifications or to ask Cathy a question, visit

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