David Clancy

Website: http://www.davidclancy.org

David Clancy is a chartered physiotherapist working with Isokinetic London and is the cultural and clinical lead in rehabilitation.

David has a BSc Physiotherapy from Keele University and an MSc Sports Medicine from Trinity College in Dublin. David has worked in a variety of private practice physiotherapy clinics, and as the senior physiotherapist for UCD AFC in the League of Ireland in professional football for four seasons. He also has extensive experience in professional rugby from his time in Dublin with Old Belvedere RFC.

David moved to London in 2013 where he has worked for Isokinetic Medical Group, FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence as a chartered physiotherapist specialising in sports medicine and rehabilitation. He works in both the rehabilitation gym and the indoor on-field environment, an innovative “Green Room” which focuses on movement, dynamic control and return-to-training strategies as an athletic movement specialist. His work involves the treatment and rehabilitation of professional athletes and people at all levels of sport.

He is particularly interested in functional strength, myofascial pain and biomechanics.  His main areas of interest regarding injury are hip and groin pathology, shoulder instability injuries and the ACL rehabilitation pathway.



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