Jeff Watters


Voted "One of America's top trainers" by Vogue Magazine, Professional Boxer and elite sports trainer Jeff Watters is also a freelance writer who has contributed to National Magazine Publications such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness and Trail Runner. Despite being diagnosed with a Congenital Heart condition in his 30's and Bipolar disorder a few years later, Watters hasn't let anything stand in his way or slow him down. Whether training Pro Athletes at his private gym or parenting one of his 3 young children, Watters continues to challenge everyone around him to become the best version of themselves. As one of the first members of the Brooks ID (inspire daily) and PACE (performance and coaching elite) programs, as well as founding and being named as the first coach for the Priority Health Endurance Racing Teams of Southeast Michigan, he's been able to interact with a wide range of high-level athletes to help further his philosophies on performance based training.

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