Patrick Aubone

Patrick Aubone was born and raised in Miami, Florida. His family is from Argentina, and both of his parents played professional tennis. Patrick began playing tournaments at the age of 8. At the age of 16, he finished within the Top 15 in Florida and Top 100 in the nation. He went on to play one year of college tennis at Northern Arizona University before returning home to Miami. After completing his bachelors in Psychology, Patrick went on to complete a Masters in Psychology specializing in children and adolescents. Patrick worked at Augusta Country Club being trained by Director of Tennis Marc Blouin. He has achieved certifications from the Human Performance Institute, USTPA and PTR, and EXOS Performance Mentorship with top professionals in the sports industry. In 2016, Patrick won the Junior Professional of the Year award presented by the Georgia Professional Tennis Association. Recently, Patrick moved to Atlanta with his wife, Cristina, and worked alongside Dr. Mark Kovacs. While working with him, he became a Certified Tennis Performance Specialist and completed his Master Tennis Performance Specialist certification.

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