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Performance gear includes all types of products and services aimed at helping athletes improve their performance. Performance gear is constantly evolving, and it's a hot area for innovation. A steady stream of new products flows to the market, all promising to help athletes get better. Apparel [e.g., sweat-wicking fabrics, compression shorts]; shoes [e.g., basketball sneakers, baseball cleats]; training tools [e.g., speed ladders, hurdles]; and accessories [e.g., heart rate monitors, mouth guards] are just a few of the categories of gear intended to help athletes train and compete at peak levels.

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Track Your Workout With the adidas miCoach SPEED_CELL

                        The adidas miCoach SPEED_CELL is designed to be your on-the-go training pa...

Stay Cool, Clean and Dry with Oakley Women's Training Gear

Who knew Oakley made more than sunglasses? As you kick your summer training into full swing, get the lowdown on the Oakley Women's collection of tra...