Calves Articles

Build lower body power by developing your calves, leg muscles that can help you run faster, jump higher and overall be more explosive. Learn workouts and key exercises from pro and college athletes, as well as the principles behind training calves that can help you develop game-breaking speed.

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Jump Higher Than Ever With This Calf Circuit

Several muscles are engaged when you jump, but when you extend your ankles and explode off the ground, your calf muscles are the last to activate. Per...

Calf Raises to Prevent Ankle Sprains

No athlete wants to miss a game because of a sprained ankle, yet it's one of the most common injuries in sports. After all, you're constantly using yo...

Exercise of the Week: Calf Raise

Although a simple exercise, Calf Raises are a staple in any lower-body training program—for good reason. The calf and other lower leg and ankle musc...