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Renowned sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci provides advice, guidelines and tips on proper fueling, hydration and recovery nutrition for athletes.

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5 Nutrition Mistakes Ruining Your Sports Performance

If  you're training and practicing hard but your performance is consistently falling short on game day, the culprit might be what you are (or are not...

EXOS Launches New Line of Supplements

EXOS has teamed up with Thorne Research to launch EXOS Performance Nutrition, a line of high-quality nutritional supplements. EXOS is a leader in ...

Athletes' Performance's Best Foods for Weight Loss and Sports Performance

If you're trying to lose weight, you already know there are certain foods you need to eliminate from your diet. However, do you also know that you c...

Gatorade Wants to Know How You "Win From Within"

What drives you to become a better athlete? Is it a coach? Your parents? Your favorite athlete? Regardless of the source, Gatorade knows that winn...

The Benefits of Juice

By Sarah Gearhart According to a research study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, drinking cherry juice can reduce exercised-induc...