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Maintaining a powerful throwing shoulder requires strenghtneing all the muscles of the upper body. Watch how NFL All-Pro QB Peyton Manning keeps his passes crisp all season long with this upper-body strength routine.


Protein for Vegetarian Athletes

Protein for Vegetarian Athletes

Many professional athletes follow vegetarian or vegan diets. While such diets present certain challenges, with proper planning, vegetarian athletes can meet their nutrition needs. RELATED: Vegetarian Diets for...

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NBC Picks Up 'Spartan Race' Series

NBC Picks Up 'Spartan Race' Series

NBC has picked up the competition-based TV series Spartan Race from the producers of the hit program American Ninja Warrior. Currently casting contestants, Spartan Race...

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Mason Woodruff

Mason Woodruff is a strength and performance coach based in Little Rock, Arkansas. A lifelong athlete, he has a passion for improving his own performance, which led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences and to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning... Read more about Mason