Antonio Brown's One-of-a-Kind TRX and Pilates Workout

It took Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown only two seasons to earn a place in NFL history. In 2011, Brown became the first NFL athlete to record 1,000 returning and receiving yards in the same year. His impressive stats and amazing catches earned him a hefty five-year $42.5 million contract extension for 2012.

Brown's abilities don't come from natural talent alone; he's also known for his work ethic. "Antonio trains like a pack mule; he's constantly going," says Steelers special teams coach Amos Jones. "If you don't tell him to stop, he won't."

Check out what Antonio has to say about his intense workout.

Although his dedication to intense conditioning pays off daily on the field, Brown has also begun to look at workouts that will prolong his career. He's chosen TRX and pilates to push his body further. "For training, you have to trick your body and challenge it in all kinds of different ways," he says.

"[With TRX and pilates], he works everything at once, which is what he really needs to do on the field," says Brown's trainer, Christine Ruby. "This way we create a natural muscle balance where he'll have appropriate length and strength in each muscle on opposing forces. This is going to make a huge difference in his longevity. The sky's the limit with these workouts."

Learn how to add one of Antonio's favorite exercises to your workout.

Antonio Brown's Pilates Workouts

Pilates Chair Workout for Wide Receivers
Pilates Reformer Workout
Pilates Core Align Warm-Up


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