2 Brutal 10-Minute Workouts That Deliver Serious Results

Incorporate this brutal workout into your program to push your body to its limits and become a better athlete for next season.

First, the good news: You can get a seriously effective workout in just 10 minutes. The bad news: Those 10 minutes will suck.

By adding high-intensity circuits of full-body exercises to your training regimen, you can build your strength and improve your endurance uberfast. This style of training increases your work capacity, enabling you to do more for longer periods of time. Eventually, you should be able to perform more quality reps and recover faster between exercises, leading to bigger strength and speed gains.

"Work capacity is critical when you're getting ready to go into long summer practices," says Brandon McGill, director of performance at STACK Velocity Sports Performance.

McGill created the Triple Six and Sled Gauntlet workouts to do just that. But be warned: The workouts incorporate full-body exercises that will leave you gasping for air. Because they don't involve heavy weights, you might think they look easy, but you'd be sorely mistaken.

In the end, your hard work will pay off. "Getting through these workouts quickly and efficiently will help you be a better and more effective athlete," McGill says.

The Workouts

Program Directions

  • Perform the workouts once per week, resting one or two days between training sessions.
  • To adequately increase your work capacity, start the program 4 to 6 weeks before your off-season strength program.
  • If you're already on a strength training program, add one of these circuits to the end of your workouts as a finisher for an additional challenge.

Day 1: Triple Six

Perform the following 6 exercises for 6 reps each without putting down the barbell. Repeat the circuit 6 times, resting for 2 minutes between sets (1 minute if you're elite). Start out using just the barbell and add five to 10 pounds each week. Check out the video player above for a demonstration of the Triple Six. 

  1. Deadlift x 6
  2. Hang Power Clean x 6
  3. Front Squat x 6
  4. Hang Power Snatch x 6
  5. Overhead Squat x 6
  6. Back Squat x 6

Day 2: Sled Gauntlet

Perform the 4 exercises in this circuit with no rest between them. Repeat the circuit 10 times, resting for two minutes between sets. Load the sled with 10 to 25 percent of your body weight, depending on whether you want a fast pace or a slow grind.

  1. Sled Push x 20 yards
  2. Pull-Ups x 10
  3. Sled Pull x 20 yards
  4. Push-Ups x 20

Featured Exercise: Hang Power Clean

This explosive exercise works your entire body, increasing strength, power and endurance at the same time.

How to:

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold a barbell with a shoulder-width grip.
  • Push your hips back until the bar is just above your knees.
  • Keeping the bar close to your body, explosively extend your hips, knees and ankles and shrug your shoulders to pull the bar up.
  • Drop into a squat position, drive your elbows under the bar and catch the bar across the front of your shoulders.

Featured Exercise: Sled Push

Pushing a sled boosts your lower-body strength and power, and enhances your core stability. It also sends your heart rate through the roof.

How to:

  • Hold the sled poles with your hands at chest level and position your body at a 45-degree angle.
  • Powerfully drive your legs into the ground to sprint forward and push the sled.
  • Keep your core tight, and do not round your back or allow your head to fall forward.
  • No sled? Push a 45-pound plate across the ground. The best surfaces are carpet or turf.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock