10 Obscure Olympic Events You Probably Didn't Know Existed

We bet you've never heard of most of these sports.

The Olympic Games are coming to Rio. From swimming laps to BMX bikes to gymnastics on the floor, there is something for everyone at the games. What most people don't know, however, is how many events there really are! It's a lot more than just swimming and running. Some of the events are what you'd expect, like a triathlon. But there are some strange ones too.

One part of the Summer Games is dedicated strictly to horses, for example. The Equestrian Events are a big draw and, honestly, I don't know why because there just isn't much you can do with horses. Or so I thought. I was sure proven wrong with that one. And don't forget the staggering amount of Artillery Events that are all about shooting things. Things like clay pigeons and targets, not things you shouldn't be shooting. You get the drift. Fighting events like Karate, Judo and Fencing are a big draw as well, along with Boxing and Kickboxing. But there is more than even that.

The X-Games are another part of the summer games that incorporate a much more modern take on Olympic events with things like BMX Bike Riding, Skateboarding and Rollerblading. But then we get to the weird ones. And there are plenty of those. The Winter Games have things like Curling, which is basically giant team shuffleboard, and the Biathlon, which is a mixture of cross-country skiing and air rifle shooting for absolutely no reason at all. Yes, people trained for those. But we're not talking about the icy cold events, we're talking about the blistering hot weirdness of the Summer Olympic Games!

Here are 10 of the strangest Olympic events:

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Rhythmic Gymnastics




Modern Pentathlon

Air Riffle


Ping Pong


Trampoline Gymnastics

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