10 Wall Ball Drills from the Powell Brothers

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Every sport has its modern day heroes. Lacrosse has a trio of heroes—who also happen to be brothers.

The legendary Powell brothers have formulated a Wall Ball Drill that will improve stick handling skills for players across the board. To maximize your time on the wall, follow the brothers' rules for the drills below.

Have fun? Definitely not a problem when you play lacrosse.

Now let's check out the drills. Note: they all call for 50 reps on each side.

1.) Quick Stick
With two hands on the stick, quickly flick the ball off the wall with no cradle between throws. The faster you can move the ball around the perimeter, the better you will be at finding gaps in the defense and hitting cutting teammates.

2.) One-Hand Quick Stick
Essentially the same as Quick Stick, except you use only your top hand. Get comfortable making difficult catches, and you'll reap the benefits on the field.

3.) Quick Stick – Change Hands
Throw the ball with your left hand, switch hands while the ball is in mid-air and catch it with your right. Quickly throw the ball back to the wall with no cradle, switch hands again and catch with your left. Throw the ball across your body so you can catch it in the box—i.e., the space next to your head, above your shoulder.

4.) Both Hand Catch and Cradle
Repeat the first drill, but mix in one cradle before throwing ball back to wall.

5.) One-Hand Catch and Cradle
Repeat the second drill, but with one cradle between throws.

6.) Face Dodge – Throw – Face Dodge – Catch
With the ball in your stick, perform a face dodge and throw the ball, then perform another face dodge when you catch it. This will improve your ability to perform one of lacrosse's deadliest dodges and fire quick passes.

7.) Split Dodge – Throw
The split dodge is another important offensive weapon. Your ability to beat defenders and make plays relies heavily on solid stick skills. It's not enough to be able to complete a dodge or make a pass. You need to be able to do both consecutively. In this drill, throw right, catch right, split dodge to the left, throw left, catch left and split dodge back to the right.

8.) Cross-Handed
Cross-handed means holding the stick left-handed, but playing on the right side of your body. Practicing cross-handed will enhance your ability to catch a bad pass and make a great play. In this drill, start with a right-handed grip on the left side of your body. After 50 reps, switch hands and move the stick to your right side.

9.) Behind The Back
This move is rarely needed during games, but developing an accurate behind the back pass will help you become an elite player. Once you have it down, it's a great skill to bring out in a game when the situation calls for it.

10.) Develop Your Own Drill
Get creative. Find something challenging that forces you to use both hands and move quickly—like throwing the ball between your legs and catching it in the box. Whatever you decide, have fun with it!

Noting that he has used these drills throughout his career, Ryan Powell says, "If you spend time working on the wall and following this routine, I guarantee that you will become a better player. Now that you have the program, it's up to you to find a wall and get started."

Source:  threepowells.com
Photo:  myspace.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock