33-Year-Old Steelers Running Back DeAngelo Williams is a Workout Animal

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams may be 33 years old, but because he is a workout animal, he's having a great 2016 season so far.

The Pittsburgh Steelers might have the best backup running back in the NFL. Since their starter Le'Veon Bell is out until Week 4 on a suspension, the Steelers have been running on the legs of DeAngelo Williams, and he has dominated defenses on the ground.

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Williams is having a great season so far, but many people still can't seem to get past the fact that he is 33 years old. They need to. Through two games, Williams has run for 237 yards on 58 attempts and scored two touchdowns, including this nasty TD run in Week 1 against the Washington Redskins.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Williams doesn't consider his age a restriction against all the carries he's been getting. "I'm a football player first and I'm an old guy second," he said. But how is a player who has been in the league for 11 seasons and has over 10,000 career rushing yards still dominating? Short answer: it's because the 5-foot-8, 210-pound running back is a workout animal.

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During every off-season, Williams trains hard with Jeremy Boone, an internationally recognized performance coach, speaker and consultant—and the founder of www.athletebydesign.com.

In the videos below, you will see Williams performing strength, speed and explosive exercises. In the first couple of clips, he performs a 315-pound  Block Press and a 275-pound Clean with ease. Then he shows off his upper-body and core strength by making a Pull-Up variation look easy.

Williams also spent time at the beach this summer, not to relax but to continue working hard. He does sprints in the water and footwork in the sand.

It looks like Williams also got reacquainted with med balls off-season. Here he is doing some MB Slams and MB Throws to work his core and upper body strength.

Williams worked hard on his legs so he can run fast and with power. Below, he does Step-Ups to Reverse Lunges and resistance sprinting.

Williams' off-season work has helped him get off to a spectacular start this season. It's a shame that once Bell is back, he will lose his starting slot. But Williams doesn't care what his role is as long as he can help the Steelers win the Super Bowl.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock