5 Ruthless NBA Players Who Have Embarrassed Little Kids on the Basketball Court

These NBA players showed no mercy when they went up against innocent children at basketball camps.

Dwight Howard

NBA players are among the most skilled athletes in the world. Their hand-eye coordination, lateral quickness, strength and agility allow them to embarrass opponents and wow fans with dazzling ball-handling, great shooting, amazing crossover dribbles and overall elite athleticism. Some of them even like to display their skills in basketball camps against young children.

Recently, NBA players such as Steph Curry and Aaron Gordon humiliated innocent children at basketball camps, crossing them over and making a layup or dunk to finish them off.

As the younger demographic says, these NBA players simply have no chill.

1. James Harden Stares Camper In Eyes, Flips Ball Over Head For Dunk

In June, Houston Rockets guard James Harden didn't just humiliate a young camper, he completely disrespected him.

Harden stared into the camper's eyes, dribbling the ball back and forth. His stare put the camper into a trance, and the NBA All-Star flipped the ball over his head, air dribbling the ball as he continued to stare into the child's eyes.

Harden released his stare, blew by the child and finished with a dunk. Was he ashamed of himself? No. Harden showed no remorse, celebrating like he won the Super Bowl.

The camper could only watch in disbelief.

2. Aaron Gordon Breaks Camper's Ankles, Finishes With A Dunk

Like the other NBA players on this list, Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon doesn't seem to care about fairness.

Gordon is 6-foot-9, but the size mismatch did not concern him. On Thursday, he crossed over a camper, causing the child to fall to the floor.

Gordon broke the kid's ankles, then, adding insult to injury, he dunked the ball while the camper was getting up off the floor.

3. Dwight Howard Teases Kid Before Game, Dunks On Him

Before a January 2014 game against the Washington Wizards, former Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard spent some time with a young fan.

Howard's lovable personality is well documented, as the Atlanta Hawks center says he likes to have fun.

He surely did with this young fan.

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As Howard shoots around with the child, first he does a few harmless ball-over-head fakes. Nothing major—he's just playing around. After passing to a teammate, Howard seems to tell the child to go see the teammate. But the teammate passes the ball back to Howard for an alley-oop dunk, while the child stands there with a look of happiness mixed with shock on his face.

Howard didn't stop there.

He lets the kid have the ball, and the young fan drives to the basket hoping to make a layup. The 6-foot-11 Howard casually blocks his shot.

4. Kevin Durant Blocks Kid Into Oblivion, Shows No Remorse

Kevin Durant is a 7-footer. He is listed at 6-foot-9, but we all know that's not true.

Durant's height and 7-foot-4 wingspan allow him to elevate over defenders for jump shots that no one can block.

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Durant also uses his height to block an innocent camper's shots into oblivion.

During his June camp in Austin, Texas, Durant played a game of one-on-one against a camper. The camper attempted several shots. Durant viciously blocked them all.

5. Steph Curry Methodically Crosses Over Camper, Finishes With Layup

Steph Curry simply went "no crossovers barred" when he broke down a camper at the Golden State Warriors basketball camp at Brigham Young University-Hawaii.

Curry performed a series of crossovers, getting the camper reeling on defense.

He finished him off with a layup, but left him smiling—the camper was happy to guard one of the NBA's best players.

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