5 Things Grayson Allen Did to Get Suspended Indefinitely From Duke Basketball

Grayson Allen has a yearlong history of bad behavior.

Grayson Allen—currently averaging 16 points per game for the Duke Blue Devils—is now suspended from the basketball team indefinitely.

The suspension came in response to an incident in last night's game against Elon, in which Allen tripped an opposing player and got hit with a technical foul. He then had a meltdown on the bench:

This episode was just the latest in a string of on-court infractions Allen has committed over the past calendar year.

Here's a quick rundown of the events that led to his indefinite suspension.

Tripping a Florida State player last season:

Tripping a Louisville player last season:

Flopping against Notre Dame last season:

Flopping and getting a call against Tennessee State earlier this week:

After the Elon game, Allen seemed remorseful about his actions:

Regardless, this morning Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski announced the team had suspended Allen indefinitely:

That's where we stand today. Allen is a great player, but if he can't manage to get his emotions under control, his talent could go to waste.

Grayson Allen

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