A Now Infamous HS Girls Soccer Goalie Has Been Aggressively Tackling Opponents for Over a Year

This is NOT the way to play the game.

In this week's edition of "Things You Should Never Do During a Sporting Event," we bring you Cassie Sturtz, goaltender for Pine Forest High School in North Carolina.

Sturtz has been practicing an incredibly dangerous technique on the pitch. She runs out of the goalie box and launches herself at opponents who are on a breakaway or are just too close for her liking. This is obviously illegal, although the play above didn't even draw a penalty at the time it happened. What it did draw was an eventual two-game suspension for Sturtz, who is no stranger to illegal plays on the pitch.

The above video was shot last season, when Sturtz made a similar tackle on another unsuspecting opponent who streaked toward the goal. Somehow, a two-game suspension for her most recent offense doesn't seem harsh enough.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock