Preparing for AAU Season: What You Need to Know

AAU season is here. This is your opportunity to get better. Here's some advice to help you make it happen.

AAU season is here. Are you ready? Are you playing with a purpose? AAU can provide opportunities to be a part of a team and get exercise. It can make you a better player and provide you with exposure to college coaches. Do you know why you are playing and what your goals are? High school basketball is about winning, and although winning is also important during the AAU season, you should be playing with a purpose. It's important to know what your goals are going into the season.

When assessing your individual goals, make sure you are trying out for a team that can provide you with a chance to achieve them. There should be 10 to 12 players on your roster, not 13 to 15. You should play, not sit on the bench. This is not your school team. You are paying to play and should experience playing time. That's not to say that you are entitled to playing time if you miss practice or violate the rules. Unless you are on a sneaker-sponsored team, the wins are fun, but do not matter much. The philosophy of AAU is to provide players with opportunities to get better in the off-season by practicing and playing in games.



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