Antonio Brown Built His Ridiculous Footwork With Pilates

Learn how Antonio Brown developed the balance and footwork he uses to make acrobatic catches and stay in-bounds.

Antonio Brown made several crucial grabs in the Pittsburgh Steelers' Week 15 victory over the Atlanta Falcons, but none more spectacular than his 28-yard toe-tap catch to set up a Steelers touchdown in the final seconds of the first half.

Brown streaked down the sideline and tracked the ball over his back shoulder to make the catch, but it was his nifty footwork that preserved the completion.

The catch was the latest of Brown's highlight-reel grabs in 2014. Even more remarkable than his dynamic play this season is the fact that Brown doesn't lift weights in the off-season. Instead, he incorporates Pilates workouts into his training. They have enhanced his core strength, developed explosive power in his hips and glutes and created muscle balance through strengthening and alignment.

"He's working everything at once, which is what he needs to do on the field," says Brown's Pilates instructor, Christine Ruby. "This way, he's creating a natural muscle balance, where he has the appropriate length and strength of each muscle on opposing forces."

Ruby raved about Brown's receptivity to trying out new workouts as a means to improving his performance.

Brown says, "Training is all about change. You've got to trick your body and challenge it in all different ways."

Opposing defenses are severely challenged to shut down Brown, who is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL. He is without question the reason why the Steelers emerged victorious Sunday and remain in the thick of the playoff chase. For that, Brown is STACK's NFL Beast of the Week.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock