Cam Newton and J.J. Watt are Comic Book 'Freaks'

Cam Newton and J.J Watt star as superheroes in the digital comic, "Freaks," featured exclusively on the newly-redesigned Gatorade website.

Gatorade Freaks Digital Comic

Cam Newton channels his inner Superman after rushing into the end zone for a touchdown. On the opposite side of the ball, J.J. Watt shreds through offensive lines like the Incredible Hulk.

When Newton and Watt are locked in and in the zone, they put up eye-popping numbers and make plays so extraordinary you'd swear they came right out of a comic book.

Because of their remarkable on-field performances, Newton and Watt are being styled as superheroes for the digital comic, "Freaks," exclusively on the newly redesigned Gatorade website.

Gatorade collaborated with DC Comics to create "Freaks," which builds on the narrative of each player's personal journey to the NFL.

The story of "MegaWatt" focuses on the work ethic and determination that transformed him into the league's most dominant defensive end. Newton, a.k.a. "The Blender," relates his experience as a kid studying the best quarterbacks and incorporating their style of play into his individual skill set.

The storylines were developed by Watt and Newton to convey what they think fuels their respective pursuits of greatness.

Take it from us: the authenticity of the narratives and the super-slick illustrations and motion graphics make "Freaks" a must-see for football players and fans alike.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock