Check Out the New Look of J.J. Watt's Reebok JJ 1 Trainer

It's the Houston Texans defensive star's first signature shoe, and just like him, it's built for performance.

Just five seasons into his career, J.J. Watt is the Houston Texans' all-time sack leader, owns three NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards, and this summer became one of the select few players in the League to get his own signature shoe. After launching the JJ 1 Trainer in a white-and-red colorway, Reebok just released a second version adorned with a Texans-inspired blue-and-white color scheme with splashes of red across the sole. Dig it:

JJ 1

Clearly they have a stylish look, but the Reebok JJ 1s is built to perform. The grooved hexagons on what they call a "multi-directional traction outsole" provide awesome traction on any workout surface—grass, turf, or concrete. A layer of Liquid Foam cushioning provides support and shock absorption underfoot. And the shoe's tongue sports the double-J logo Watt now calls his own.

"To be able to have my own shoe is one of the craziest things ever," Watt said. "But the thing I'm most proud about is the performance. You can create a shoe that looks good, and I think the shoe looks great, but more importantly, it performs incredibly well for what I need it to do."

JJ Watt

Reebok and Watt worked for for over a year to develop the JJ1, and Watt says he had plenty of input on how he wanted the shoe to look, feel and perform. Reebok's designers took it all into account, along with their own ideas for the shoe, and the JJ 1 was the final result.

"There was a lot of back and forth to make sure we created the best shoe possible," Watt said. "And in the end, we did."

The JJ 1  is available at for $100.

JJ 1 Red Sole

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock