Chris Johnson's Finest Five-Yard Run

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Chris Johnson is a home-run hitter when it comes to breaking off runs. However, in the second quarter of Monday night's game in Jacksonville, the 190-pound Titan running back turned nothing into something on an inside handoff.

It wasn't CJ's speed that was on display for this short, but spectacular, run. Rather, he demonstrated his extraordinary balance and core stability as he burst up to the line of scrimmage, bounced off a would-be tackler, finessed his way through a crowd of massive defenders and fell forward for a five-yard pick up and a Titans' first down.

The amazing thing about the play was that Johnson never really got the wheels going. He just sort of  slid and shuffled through the herd. At one point,  a Jaguar passer-byer got his hands on the ball. Once again, CJ's strength prevailed, as he ripped the ball back and tucked it into his arms.

The run was made possible, first, by #28's steadfast patience to let the play develop; and, second, by the core strength and stability he gained through off-season workouts—performing lifts such as the Dumbbell Reverse Lunge With Knee Drive on Airex.

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge With Knee Drive on Airex

  • Holding dumbbells at sides, assume athletic stance with both feet on Airex Pad
  • Step back and lower into lunge until back knee is just above ground
  • Push through front heel to drive up and forward into start position
  • Drive opposite knee up at end of movement
  • Repeat for specified reps and perform set on opposite leg

Sets/Reps: 3-5x5 each leg

Coaching Points: Keep toes pulled up toward shin // Keep knee in line with ankle // Keep chest up and shoulders back

If it's CJ's speed you crave, you must check his off-season speed workout, which featured in the Back-to-School issue of STACK magazine.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock