Doc Rivers Says Ray Allen Is in Top-5 NBA Shape, Might Return to the League

Former NBA guard Ray Allen is in top shape and could come back to the NBA.

Former NBA sharpshooter Ray Allen hasn't played in two seasons. The 41-year-old guard has been spending more time on the golf course than the basketball court, but there is still a chance that Allen will come back and play next season.

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According to, Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers believes that Allen is in great shape and could play for a team if the situation were right for him.

At the ABCD Hoop Dreams foundation event on Tuesday evening, Rivers said, "I think if Ray was in the right spot, he may play. I think Ray wants to golf a lot too right now. But Ray is in amazing shape. I don't know how he does that. I didn't know how he does that as a player; I don't know how he does it as a non-player. He's probably in top-five shape in the NBA. So could Ray play? Absolutely, I believe he could."

Allen last played with the Miami Heat in the 2013-2014 season. He shot 37 percent from beyond the arc, scored 9.6 points and grabbed 2.8 rebounds per game. With numbers like that, he could still impact a team. Allen leads the NBA in most 3-pointers made (2,973), so it's not likely that he has lost his touch.

The 10-time All-Star is still in amazing shape. After running around all those screens for open shots on the court, he has taken his love for running off the court. If you look at Allen's Instagram, you will see that he is an avid runner with calf muscles the size of bowling balls.

Neither has Allen's time away from the NBA stopped him from grinding in the gym. Any NBA team with legitimate championship pretensions should give Ray-Ray a call. It could improve their chances of going all the way.

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