Dwyane Wade and Gatorade Surprise High School Basketball Team With NBA-Style Locker Room Makeover

NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade and Gatorade surprise a high school basketball team with an all-star locker room makeover.

When Dwyane Wade visited New Orleans for the NBA All-Star game this past weekend, he took some time to focus not only on his victorious Eastern Conference squad, but also on the Riverdale Rebels (Jefferson, La.), a local high school team playing a game they had to win to advance to the state playoffs for the first time in twenty years.

During half time of that game, the Riverdale players sat on worn wooden benches and talked strategy inside a messy concrete locker room lined with dented orange and brown metal lockers.

While they played the second half of their game, a crew from Gatorade transformed that rundown locker room into one more befitting an NBA team, complete with wood-grain lockers, custom carpeting, cushioned chairs and logos sporting the Rebels' red and white colors.

After their win, the Riverdale players were amazed when they entered their locker room, which was now equipped with individual name plates and cabinets filled with Gatorade products. And once they got over their shock, they were in for yet another surprise: the appearance of ten-time NBA All-Star and three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade.

"Because of y'all hard work and ya'll commitment to team, to team success, and to each other," said Wade, "that's the reason that Gatorade is here, and the reason I'm here, to come and give you guys just a little bit."

Watch the video above to see the team's reaction to their Gatorade locker room makeover and a visit from D-Wade.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock