Dwyane Wade Stays in Shape by Chasing His Trainer, Who's On a Bike, Through the Streets of Miami

Dwyane Wade hates cardio, but his trainer has figured out how to get the NBA All-Star to stay in shape for the long season.

Dwyane Wade is 34 years old, has played 13 season in the NBA, yet still manages to look as young and in shape as he did when he entered the league back in 2003. Wade has dealt with chronic knee injuries throughout his career, but that hasn't kept the Miami Heat star from winning three championships and securing a future spot in the Hall of Fame.

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Wade admits that as an elder statesman, staying in shape has become infinitely more difficult than when he was a spry 22-year-old coming out of Marquette. He tells ESPN in its most recent "Body Issue" that he's a "fat boy at heart." But Wade and his trainer have found a simple solution to accomplish Wade's cardio, something he's never been a fan of: Wade chases his trainer through the streets of Miami, his trainer on a bike and Wade on foot. From the issue:

"No one wants to do cardio—I hate stuff like that, but it's got to be done. One thing we do is go outside and my trainer will make me chase him on a bike. When we work out in Miami, we just keep going around the block until he feels like I've had enough for that day. A lot of people saw me chasing him last summer. It's funny. I get people honking their horns, like, 'Go, D-Wade!' It's kind of cool."

All that running helped Wade average 21. 4 points per game during the Heat's playoff run this year, his highest post-season total in his last three appearances. Wade said he felt like he was 28 years old again this past season, a revelation for someone who's had to deal with a never ending stream of injuries over his career.

We're looking forward to the year 2050, when a 68-year-old Wade will be chasing a man on a bike through a Florida retirement community.

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