Dwyane Wade's Son Is No Longer Impressed With His Dad's Dunking Ability

Dwyane Wade takes a ribbing from his son.

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is old in NBA years. At 33 years of age, having dealt with chronic knee problems for at least the last five years, the man known as D-Wade doesn't have the same spring in his legs that he once did. As a consequence, Wade's kids like to make fun of "the old man" for not dunking as much as he used to.

After a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder last Thursday in which Wade threw down a couple of jams, he told sideline reporter Rachel Nichols that he has to tell his kids to go on YouTube to see that he once was a vicious, and frequent, dunker. One of Wade's sons, Zaire, with him on the court, was still not impressed with his dad's dunking performance.

"Is that true, do you give him a hard time about dunking?" asked Nichols.

"Yeah, I do," Zaire said.

"How he'd do tonight?"

"He did alright," Zaire responded, side-eyeing his dad. (But he later admitted that he told his dad he was "clutch.")

Final score: Miami 97, OKC 95. D-Wade's line: 28, 4 and 4. Come on, Zaire! Show some respect! Kids these days, I tell ya.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock