Eight USC Offensive Linemen Got Stuck in an Elevator and Created a Pretty Damn Good Freestyle Rap

Watch these eight hefty dudes rap and sweat through the lengthy ordeal.

USC Linemen Stuck in Elevator

Approximately 2,500 pounds of USC offensive linemen got stuck in an elevator for obvious reasons. Most notably, there were eight massive creatures crammed into the elevator. This emergency situation would be the average person's worst nightmare, but the husky fellas put their free time and tight quarters to use by executing the ultimate team bonding activity: shoulder-to-massive-shoulder freestyle rapping. The topic of the rap? Being stuck in an elevator, of course.

As the situation progressed, the lighthearted singing gave way to more urgency on the part of the Trojans. 6-foot-9-inch, 360-pound Zach Banner thoughtfully began documenting the whole experience for us. He first checks in to let people know they are stuck and in need of help. His shirt is being attacked by back and chest sweat:

Finally, firemen arrive to save the day... with snacks? That's the last thing these dudes need. The saga continues...

Things are getting hot and gross. Banner offers his loved ones the grossest, sweatiest farewell ever.

Someone farted.

Finally, as Banner's phone hit the 2% power mark, he had to stop live tweeting. He fired one final tweet out to let the world know the sweaty beasts had been set free from the world's worst fat-guy sauna.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock