Exclusive LeBron James Interview on the Launch of LEBRONJAMES.com

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Today, Miami Heat forward LeBron James launches his official website, LEBRONJAMES.com. On the eve of the new NBA season, we caught up with the two-time NBA MVP to find out what athletes can expect from the new site.

STACK: How big a role do you have in the development and content of the site?

LeBron James: I played a major role in the development of the site. The site is about my lifestyle and everything it encompasses, and I felt it was best for me to be the major contributor.

STACK: What features of the site are you most excited about?

LBJ: The look and style of this site is one of a kind. Visitors will not only learn about me and the aspects of my life, but [the site] will also include tips from my chef, trainer and stylist. They will be sharing their talents with my fans on ways to live a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

STACK: What would be most attractive feature to a younger athlete who visits the site?

I think all levels of athletes will really enjoy the training section and learn how I stay in shape year round. Topics will range from workouts to recipes. It's about living a healthy and active life. The basketball section will feature young athletes, and you will be able to learn about them and the amazing things they are doing in sports.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock