Top 3 Plyometric Exercises for Explosive Football Players

The name of the game in football is power. Become a more explosive player with three plyometric exercises from STACK Expert Bill Rom.

Box Jumps

The name of the game in football is power. Those who have it win. Those who lack it want it bad.

Problem is, too many athletes continually do the same old exercises, hoping that one day, power will happen. But the chances of that are slim.

I am here to help with my top three plyometric exercises. They will improve your explosiveness. The next time you hit the field, you'll do it with power!

Box Jumps

Whether you want to run a faster 40, improve your vertical leap or be a fierce hitter, you need powerful hips and instant power to get your body going. Box Jumps allow you to create tremendous force with your jumps while limiting your impact with the ground.

Never jump off a plyo box; it defeats why you jumped on it in the first place.

Box jumps look cool, but at Prospect Sports, safety is even more important.

Training tips

  • Find a box that you can land on easily. It doesn't have to be super high. You want just enough height to limit the force into the ground when you land.
  • Set your feet 12 to 18 inches from the box. If you're too far away, you need to move forward to land. If you're too close, you risk skinning your shin on the box (bad news!).
  • Fire yourself down and up as quickly as possible.
  • Stick your position on the landing.
  • Slowly and safely step off the box.

Med Ball Chest Pass

In football, one-tenth of a second is about three feet of space between you and either turning the corner or tackling your opponent. First-step quickness makes the difference between being on the field or on the bench. The key is thinking not "quick first step," but "powerful first push."

We use a Med Ball Chest Pass to help teach that first step.

The front foot drives down into the ground and creates explosive force. The medicine ball directs the core to transfer force up the body. This is important for getting faster; with a weak core, you lose force as you sprint.

Training tips

  • Use a small med ball to start and move up. You want fast, not heavy.
  • Get into a split stance.
  • Keeping your body in position, drive your front foot into the ground and press the ball straight out to the wall.
  • Look for a 45-degree shin angle on your front leg.
  • Repeat on both legs for desired reps

Hurdle Hops with Long Jump

All football players need quick, powerful movements. This last plyometric exercise teaches you to quickly generate force and end with an explosive finish. This one simulates coming up and tackling through a ball carrier or running over a tackler.

Training tips

  • Use hurdles that allow you to spend as little time on the ground as possible.
  • Make sure you quickly get back up.
  • In the long jump at the end, land with your knees bent in a good athletic position.

Every football player should be doing plyometrics to become more explosive. Remember: power in the gym leads to big wins on the field.

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