Football Summer Training Guide 2013 has summer football training guides for all positions. Download your free guide from top coaches at Purdue University or the University of South Florida.

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Perhaps no sport brings together more athletes with different body types and talents than football. The game takes big guys (the linemen), speedy guys (skill position players like receivers and DBs) and big-and-fast guys who fall somewhere in between (linebackers, tight ends and fullbacks) and puts them all on the field at one time. No wonder the result on game day is so exciting and unpredictable.

Obviously, different athletes need to train in different ways. What's right for a 180-pound cornerback won't necessarily work for a XXL offensive tackle. That's why STACK turned to two of the top coaches in the game—Hans Straub (Univ. of South Florida, Stanford) and Duane Carlisle (San Francisco 49ers, Purdue)—to develop the strength and conditioning plans below. Straub's strength plans are custom-tailored to meet the on-field needs of your specific position.

Below, you'll find links to those training plans, plus a guide to some of the newest and best gear in the sport. Not sure of your on-field footwear needs? The Under Armour Cleat Guide can help you. Because when it comes to gear—and training—one size definitely does not fit all.

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