Turkey Bowl Plays: The Green Bean Screen Pass

The Green Bean Screen is a deceptive play designed to leave the defense perplexed and frustrated as they watch your running back turkey trot into the end zone.

Turkey Bowl Plays: the Green Bean Screen Pass

Thanksgiving is all about reflection, coming together with family and friends and giving thanks. A Turkey Bowl is all about glory, trickery and deception. And the king of all deception plays is the Green Bean Screen Pass. It is designed to leave the defense frustrated and perplexed as they watch your running back turkey trot into the end zone.

To run the play, line up in a twins left formation with your RB to the right of your QB in the shotgun formation. On the snap, the inside receiver runs a wheel route underneath the outside receiver's deep post. After taking the snap, the QB quickly roll left with his eyes downfield on the two receivers. The RB  nonchalantly jogs to the right.

Once the QB draws the defense left with his rollout and a pump fake, he plants, turns to the right and fires a pass to the running back on the other side of the field. The RB turns upfield and sprint to daylight.

This deceptive play should be used in long-yardage situations when the defense will bite especially hard on the two deep routes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock