How to Choose the Right Golf Club for Every Shot

Check out this simple method for choosing the right golf club for every single shot to develop a more comfortable, consistent game.

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Choosing the right club is the most important decision a golfer makes before every shot. Fortunately, yardage and conditions almost always narrow your choice to two clubs. But once you've narrowed your choice, how do you know which club is better?

Golfers at all levels tell me that most of their poor shots are caused by discomfort with their club. Learn how to choose the most comfortable club, and you'll improve your game, tee to green.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Club

On most occasions, yardage and conditions narrow the choice to two clubs. For example, 160 yards might require either a 7 or an 8 iron. Sometimes the decision is obvious, but golfers can get stuck between clubs. When you're stuck, work through this simple five-step process.

  1. Select one club at a time
  2. Go through your routine and settle over the ball
  3. Notice how the club feels in your hand
  4. Repeat with the second club
  5. Commit to the club that feels more comfortable

If you usually hit your 7 iron 160 yards, but on occasion your 8 iron feels more comfortable for the distance, I strongly believe the 8 iron is the right club. A comfortable, committed 8-iron shot will fall much better than an uncommitted 7-iron shot 99 percent of the time.

Does this mean you should pick your favorite club all the time? Absolutely not. You should always use the best tool for the job, regardless of which club is hot on a given day. The five-step process is useful only after you've already used distance and conditions to determine the top two clubs for the job.

Was It the Right Decision?

Most golfers judge their club selection by the result of their shot, but in my opinion, that evaluation is inaccurate and irrelevant. When you see a shot's outcome, you have new information that could not possibly have been available when you chose your club. If you decide based on yardage, conditions and comfort level, you should feel good about your choice regardless of the outcome.

Because golf is so challenging, being 100 percent comfortable with every shot is unrealistic. Aim to get as comfortable as possible, even if it means feeling "comfortable with the uncomfortable." One of the best ways to feel more comfortable with your shots is by performing golf drills like the Phil Mickelson Iron Distance Drill. Once you get a better feel for your clubs, you'll start to lower your scores and feel more comfortable with each shot.

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