J.J. Watt Flew More Than 20 of His Teammates to His Private Cabin to Train Together

J.J. Watt invited his Texans teammates to his Wisconsin cabin for quality bro time, including daily workouts in his barn gym.

What do you do when you have your own private cabin with 35 acres of land and an entire off-season ahead of you? Invite your teammates and get your workout on, of course.

That's what Houston Texans phenom J.J. Watt is doing this week. He flew more than 20 of his Texans teammates, including JaDeveon Clowney, Brian Cushing and Cecil Shorts III, to his log cabin in Pewaukee, Wisconsin so they can train together. Watt  converted his barn (yes, he has a barn on the property) into one big gym, complete with kettlebells, med balls, free weights, TRXs and more. He and his boys can work out in the middle of the wilderness, like all true red-blooded American men were meant to do.

Houston Texans

Members of the Houston Texans in J.J. Watt's workout barn

Of course, you can't have 35 acres of land in the middle of Wisconsin without owning a couple of ATVs, so when the grueling morning workouts are over, the crew cruises around Watt's property. At night, they sit around a bonfire and listen to country music. There are worse ways to spend an off-season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock