J.R. Smith Walked Off The Court to Hug Jason Terry and Gave Up an Easy Dunk

Last night, the old J.R. Smith came out to play.

J.R. Smith has been a great teammate ever since he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers.

His on-court antics have become less frequent, he's become a solid defender and he's had no problem deferring to his teammates on the offensive end.

But last night, the old J.R. Smith came out to play.

Late in the second quarter, the Cavaliers went on a run to trim the Milwaukee Bucks' lead to one point, prompting the Bucks to take a timeout. While the players waited for the ball to be inbounded after the timeout, J.R. Smith decided to say "what's up" to his old friend Jason Terry (who was sitting on the Bucks' bench). That's when this happened:

Ugh, J.R., Do you know how hard you will have to work for people to take your defensive prowess seriously again after this incident? The easy dunk by an unguarded Tony Snell helped the Bucks triumph over the Cavs by a score of 118-101. Smith finished the game with 6 points in 30 minutes of action. Afterwards, Smith seemed to have amnesia regarding the incident:

I would love to be in the film room when the Cavaliers coaches discuss this "defensive breakdown" with J.R.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock