Jabrill Peppers' Crazy JUGS Machine Drill Led to His First Career Interception

It was only a matter of time.

Linebacker Jabrill Peppers, Michigan's personal Swiss army knife, registered his first career interception against the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, a somewhat surprising stat considering Peppers' hands are so highly thought of that head coach Jim Harbaugh frequently uses him on offense. Peppers corralled a ball that bounced off the fingertips of Buckeyes wideout Curtis Samuel, reeling it in with one hand for his first pick.

The spectacular nature of Peppers' interception didn't come as much of a shocker to anyone who follows the New Jersey native's social media accounts, especially after he posted a particularly wild session with the team's JUGS machine over the summer.

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Standing with his hands just inches from the machine, Peppers effortlessly caught a series of balls fired at him, showing off not just his high-level catching ability for a defensive player, but also his hand strength. Catching a ball coming at that speed at such close range is no easy task, yet Peppers does it nonchalantly from a myriad of different positions.

Peppers is currently being talked about as a top-10 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft if he chooses to forgo his senior season. Wherever he ends up, and whatever side of the ball he's on, we won't have to worry about his hands.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock