Jared Allen's Top Video Game Pick: Duck Hunt

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If you're a fan of the mullet-rocking, hard-hitting, QB-sacking Minnesota Viking DE Jared Allen, you can probably figure out what kind of game he likes best. Hint: it involves a gun.

"Video games are a great way to get your mind out of whatever and relax," Allen says. "I'd go through spurts with my buddies throughout college. We wouldn't go to bed unless we played a game of Triple Play 98."

A fan of all sports-related games, Allen has been gaming since the throwback days of the original NES Nintendo. Asked about his top choice for the old school system, he says, "You can't ever beat Duck Hunt."

Duck Hunt (Nintendo)
Available for: NES Nintendo

The 270-pound "sack machine" enjoys the game not only because it's rather simple—just point the gun controller at the screen and press the trigger—but also because he's an avid hunter during the off-season.

Here's how it works: gamers have an option to shoot down ducks or skeet shells. You must hit enough of them to advance to the next level. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. Each higher level requires better aim, because the targets come faster and the amount of ammo gets smaller. Factor in an annoying dog that laughs at each misfire and the game winds up being challenging, frustrating and addicting—especially if you are competing with your teammates to see who can post the best score without standing next to the tube.

STACK's Take: This was the first game my brother and I ever owned, and I'll be honest: a lot of brotherly bonding and fighting happened while playing it. Not sure who was the better shooter, but this game was the coolest for the longest time, because of the Zapper Gun (as opposed to the controller). To this day, I still own NES, and every now and then I whip it out and go hunting.

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