How the Players Play (MLB All-Star Edition): José Bautista

Jose Bautista, cover athlete for the Canadian version of MLB 12: The Show, sits down with STACK to talk about baseball's best video game.

Toronto Blue Jays right fielder and MLB 12 The Show (Canadian) cover boy José Bautista stopped by the PlayStation Experience truck at the MLB All-Star FanFest event in Kansas City on July 9. Before digging into the batter's box at Kauffman Stadium as a participant in the 2012 Home Run Derby, the slugger known as "Joey Batts" took some cuts with the PlayStation Move motion controller.

The reigning home run leader from 2011 then stepped out of the box and fielded a few questions about gracing the cover of baseball's best video game. Check out highlights from the interview below.

MLB 12 The Show Jose Bautista

Locked in: Blue Jays slugger José Bautista swings for the fences on MLB 12 The Show.

STACK: As the face of the Toronto Blue Jays franchise, what does it mean to be on the cover of the Canadian box for The Show?

Bautista: I was honored to be on the Canadian cover of the game this year. It was a lot of fun going through that process and working with PlayStation. It's obviously the best game out there when it comes to baseball. I've had a lot of fun playing it and coming here to the PlayStation booth to hang out with some of the fans that are playing the game.

STACK: Everyone raves about the attention to detail in this edition of The Show. What are some of your favorite features?

Bautista: Hearing the vendors in the background, seeing the ads on the walls in the outfield and behind home plate, and the details of the new stadiums. It's incredible how real the game is and how the new controls work, especially on the Vita, how you can select with the touchscreen on the back.

STACK: Does the game accurately portray your likeness?

Bautista: The mimics of the players in the game are pretty real compared to what we do in real life. Sometimes I have a little reaction after a strikeout or after a home run, and it's pretty similar to what I do in real life. I think they hit the nail on the head with all the details and the reactions of the players.

STACK: What is your preferred PlayStation gaming device?

Bautista: During the season, because of the schedule and how busy we get, I play mostly on the Vita, either on the plane or on the bus or sometimes in the hotel. In the off-season I get to enjoy the console a little more. I do have the 3D display now, so I'm playing with my glasses every now and then.

STACK: When you're at the plate with another batter, are you still swinging for the fences?

Bautista: It's almost like you're always in baseball mode when you're a Major League player. If I'm hitting against C.C. Sabathia, my mentality is almost like I would have in real life. If he gets me out, he gets me out like he does in real life. It definitely works as a tool for us baseball players.

That being said, I know what my strengths are, so hopefully I do a good job of sticking to that in the game.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock