LeBron James's Cheat Day Consists of Eating a Pizza With 16 Toppings

LeBron James indulged in a delicious cheat day pizza.

For the first time in a long time, LeBron James is enjoying an off-season with limited commitments. After playing into June for the sixth straight year, he decided to sit out the 2016 Summer Olympics. He's not spending time in Hollywood filming a movie, like he did two summers ago with Trainwreck. For once, LeBron has very little to do.

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We're not saying that LeBron pressed "pause" on the gym or anything like that; he hasn't, but he is letting himself indulge in certain foods he probably avoided during the NBA season. One of those foods is pizza. With an opportunity to chow down without feeling incredibly guilty afterwards, LeBron went all out with his toppings selection.

LeBron James's Pizza Toppings

On a picture posted to his official Facebook page, LeBron showed the world the receipt for his monstrous pizza creation, which featured toppings galore. From chicken to olives to banana peppers to turkey meatballs, we count 16 toppings in all. And since LeBron ordered it from Blaze Pizza, a company in which he holds equity, he might not have had to pay for a single topping. Must be nice.

LeBron made sure to point in the caption that he did also order a salad, just like we normal humans do when we're trying to justify our terrible eating habits. For one off-season, at least, LeBron is just like us.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock