Cleveland Browns Release New Uniforms

The Cleveland Browns debuted a modern take on their classic uniforms.

After weeks of leaks, hoaxes and Twitter arguments lasting for hours, the Cleveland Browns finally unveiled their official new uniforms for the 2015 season, developed in collaboration with Nike.

At an event that pulled in over 3,000 people at the Cleveland Convention Center and featured fans dressed in a Transformers mask, Captain America garb and even a complete "Macho Man" Randy Savage outfit, nine current Browns players debuted the new threads (including nine jersey/pants combinations), to the salivating crowd.

"We wanted to make sure [the uniforms] are modernized, make it younger for this generation of Browns fan, but don't stray away from what makes it iconic," said Shannon Melvin, creative director for the NFL. "Make it tough. And don't mess with the helmet."

Cleveland Browns New Uniforms

True to their word, the Browns kept the helmets the same, aside from a more vibrant shade of orange, which can be seen everywhere on the uniforms, and a brown facemask. The biggest change is that the word CLEVELAND is spelled out above the numbers on the front of the jersey, making the Browns the only NFL team with their city name on its jersey. BROWNS is spelled out vertically down the side of the pants.

The numbers have been enlarged and paired with a drop font, which allows them to stand out almost like they are hovering in 3D slightly above the jersey's surface.

Cleveland Browns New Uniforms

Along with all-white and all-brown versions, each with orange numbering and lettering, the Browns now have a third option: an all-orange combination featuring white numbers and letters. The three jerseys can be paired with white, orange or brown pants, giving the Browns nine uniform combinations to choose from in all. Not quite the "Oregon Ducks of the NFL" that Browns president Alec Scheiner alluded to, but close.

The players who will be rocking these bad boys on Sundays seem to be all in for the changes. Safety Donte Whitner, who's favorite uni combination is the all-orange one he wore on stage, has been a fan since he first saw the new design a few weeks ago.

"I love them,'' Whitner told "I'd seen them a few weeks back, and when you compare them to the old jerseys, the old jerseys kind of look a little boring, so we felt like it was time for a change, and I like everything about these jerseys."

Now that the new uniforms are set, it's time to win some games. Check out more photos of the threads below.

Cleveland Browns Uniform Jersey

Cleveland Browns Uniform Pants

Cleveland Browns Uniform Back


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