Offensive Basketball Drills to Build Your Go-To Moves

Develop offensive moves to become a more complete player with basketball drills from STACK Expert Kyle Ohman.

Offensive Basketball Drills

The more tricks and techniques a basketball player has on the offensive end of the floor, the harder he or she is to guard. The ability to not only shoot the basketball, but also drive to the basket makes a more complete player.

Use the following drills to work on specific offensive skills like finishing around the basket, shooting on the move, etc.

Breaking down a defender off the dribble

These drills work on using the dribble to get past your defender and finish at the basket or with a pull-up jumper. The key is going from slow to fast to get past your original defender. The more types of finishes you can master, the harder you will be to guard.

Scoring out of the triple threat

When you get the ball on offense, you want to immediately face the basket and get into the triple-threat position. This means you are a threat to dribble, pass or shoot. Against pressure defense, you must be strong with the ball while staying under control. The more you are a threat to score, the more the defense will have to respect you and give you space.

Shooting drills

These shooting drills work either after a catch or with a limited number of dribbles. If you force the defense to respect your shot, you'll find it easier to drive and create more space for your teammates. After you hit a couple of shots and the defense starts to close in, you can use your shot fake to get past them for a pull-up jumper or layup.

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