Path to the Pros 2012: Janoris Jenkins

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STACK followed dozens of the NFL's top prospects as they hit the gym to get ready for the NFL Combine and beyond. In our Path to the Pros video series, we show you how these world-class athletes trained for the next level. Today, two weeks before the Draft, we move to the secondary to feature cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

According to the old cliché, the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. But when it comes to evaluating players for the NFL Draft, another certainty rules: game film.

As the 2012 Draft approaches, teams in the hunt for an elite cover corner—which in today's pass-happy NFL means practically every club—will surely be going back to the tape of cornerback Janoris Jenkins' sensational 2010 season, in which the former Florida Gator shut down 2011 first-round picks A.J. Green and Julio Jones.

At the NFL Combine in February, Jenkins impressed coaches and scouts with a 4.46 time in the 40-Yard Dash; and, as we observed during his pre-Draft workouts at Athletes' Performance in Phoenix, he displayed fluid hips, a smooth backpedal and cat-like reflexes in the agility tests.

Even more appealing about Jenkins is his ability to play in multiple defensive schemes. He says, "I can play man and zone, I'm not afraid to tackle. I can cover big and small guys. My instincts are good, my ball awareness is great, and I just know the game, and every time I go out, I play at 110 percent."

The clincher? There's no denying the potential of this projected first-rounder when you watch his inspired brand of football on the field—best demonstrated in his match-ups against Green and Jones.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock