Peyton Manning Fools Defenders and Cameraman on Rushing TD

Peyton Manning fooled Cowboy defenders and a cameraman on an unexpected rushing TD, and the Denver Broncos beat the Dallas Cowboys 28-17.

Peyton Manning's Rushing TD Fools Cowboys and Cameraman

Peyton Manning surprises everyone with a rushing TD against the Dallas Cowboys.

Peyton Manning showed some Halloween spirit with a little magic on this play against the Dallas Cowboys. Many expected a pass from Manning, who had thrown 20 TD passes in just five games so far this season. Instead, the Broncos QB magically disappeared, then reappeared in the end zone for a rare rushing score for the pocket passer.

It was only the 18th rushing touchdown in Manning's storied 16-year (and counting) career.

OK, so it wasn't really magic. Manning successfully faked a handoff, fooling every Cowboy defender and the cameraman. But it's safe to say the Cowboys didn't practice defending against it, since Manning had not run for a touchdown since 2008.

Watch Manning's fake handoff and easy touchdown run, which helped the Broncos beat the Cowboys, 28-17.

See Manning's rushing TD HERE.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock