Tune Up Your Mental Game With Sports Success 360°

Learn how athletes, parents and coaches can create an environment of success with the Sports Success 360° sport psychology education program.

Mental Toughness Training

Athletes know that their physical abilities are crucial, but that sometimes the mental side of the game is just as, if not more, important. The sport psychology training program Sports Success 360° aims to maximize this critical aspect of athletic competition.

Sports Success 360° is an online sport psychology education and certification program developed by STACK Expert Dr. Chris Stankovich. "It's a very user-friendly program that helps you immediately learn about the psychosocial issues that affect athletes," he says.

The program deals with a vast array of topics, including motivation, youth sports burnout, sports retirement, how to mentally deal with injuries, how to perform better on the field and how to approach a coach about playing time. "The information is extremely succinct," adds Dr. Stankovich. "We want you to be able to quickly get the information that you need."

What makes Sports Success 360° such a great tool is its comprehensiveness. Based on the specific user, it provides information relevant to an athlete, parent or coach. For example, consider the topic "how to approach a coach about playing time." An athlete will find strategies to tactfully engage a coach; a coach will learn how to effectively communicate with his or her athletes; and parents will learn how to identify why their athlete isn't getting more playing time without making the situation worse.

This all-inclusive approach ensures that athletes, coaches and parents can work together harmoniously to create an environment of success (hence the name), teamwork, leadership, communication and clutch play.

A variant of the program is available for schools and organizations to get their entire coaching staffs certified. At the end of the course, coaches take a test to make sure they understand the mental challenges and struggles that their athletes face.

Sports Success 360° costs $25 for unlimited access. Learn more about what the program has to offer at SportsSuccess360.com. Also, check out Dr. Stankovich's articles on STACK to learn more strategies to improve your mental game.

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