STACK Challenge: Towel Row

Improve your grip strength with the surprisingly difficult Towel Row. Take the challenge and win a STACK T-shirt.

Towel Row

Every week, a new STACK Challenge gives you an opportunity to test your athletic ability and win a STACK T-shirt. Take the challenge and enter to win a T-shirt by tweeting your results with #STACKChallenge.

Improving your grip strength will help you hold onto the football tighter, hit the baseball harder and wrestle stronger. Test your baseline grip strength with this week's STACK Challenge.

For this challenge, you'll need a weight bench (or physioball), two towels, a squat rack and a barbell. To perform the Towel Row:

  • Rack the barbell at chest height on the squat rack and drape the towels over it.
  • Position the bench or ball as pictured above.
  • Grab the towels and put both feet on the weight bench or physioball.
  • Start by hanging from the towels with your arms fully extended and your body straight.
  • Pull yourself up until your chest touches your hands. Lower all the way back down until your arms are fully extended again.
  • Keep your body straight through the entire movement.

The Challenge

Complete as many Towel Rows as possible without resting or sacrificing form.

How Do You STACK Up?

Rookie: 8 or fewer
Pro: 9 to 14
All-Star: 15 or more

STACK T-ShirtHow to Win a STACK T-Shirt

  1. Complete the Challenge by April 20
  2. Follow STACK on Twitter (@stackmedia)
  3. Tweet your results and include #STACKChallenge

Congratulations to @caroline_vc, who earned a STACK T-Shirt for taking on the Chest and Abs Circuit!

Get Better

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