Star Wars Episode VII: Carrie Fisher Confirms Role as Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher recently committed to reprise her role as Princess Leia in the new "Star Wars: Episode VII" film, slated for 2015.

Carrie Fisher

In a recent interview with Palm Beach Illustrated, Carrie Fisher has confirmed that she'll be reprising her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode VII, to be directed by J.J. Abrams and released some time in 2015.

Although Fisher didn't say much about her Princess Leia role, she did crack a few jokes. When asked what Princess Leia is like today, she responded, "Elderly. She's in an intergalactic old folks' home." When asked if Leia still wears her signature bagel buns hairstyle, Fisher quipped, "The bagel buns and the bikini, because she probably has sundowners syndrome. At sundown, she thinks that she's 20-something. And she puts it on and gets institutionalized."

Although  Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford haven't yet committed to reprising their roles, Mark Hamill did express to Entertainment Weekly that he had lunch with George Lucas to discuss it. Rumor has it that the original cast will be on board for Star Wars Episode VII, but so far the only formal commitment has come from Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher.

In her recent interview, Fisher goes on to discuss her personal life, offering anecdotes about her altruistic attitude and battle with addictions. Fisher has been open about her struggle with drug dependency and sobriety, often offering biting commentary and wit in the form of screenplays and novels.

Editor's Note: Since the publication of this article, George Lucas has formally confirmed that Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford have signed on to reprise their roles in the upcoming film.  


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock