Syracuse Head Coach's Victory Speech Will Make You Want to Run Through a Freaking Wall

Dino Babers might have a second career as a motivational speaker.

With a 3-3 record and coming off a dismal 19-point loss to Wake Forest, the Syracuse University football team was in a dark place. And with 17th ranked Virginia Tech as their opponent on Saturday, it looked like things would get even worse for the Orangemen and their first year head coach Dino Babers. Then, something funny happened. Syracuse, which hadn't beaten a ranked opponent since 2012, dominated defensively, won the game 33-17 and basked in their biggest win in a long time while many of the 33,000 fans in attendance rushed the field.

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Yet somehow, that wasn't even the best part of a glorious Saturday in upstate New York. After the dust had settled, Babers gathered his team in the locker room and gave one of the most impassioned, goosebumps-inducing victory speeches we've ever heard.

"They thought they were going to come in here and just have an easy game," Babers yelled as the buzz in the locker room began to grow louder. "Somebody in Vegas told them they were going to win by 20 to 23 points. They didn't look into your heart. They didn't look in to your heart. They didn't look into my heart. Because they came to whose house?"

"OUR HOUSE!" the Syracuse players yelled back in response.

We won't spoil the rest of the speech for you, but when Babers finished, Syrcause's locker room was more turnt up than LIV on a Sunday night in Miami. We won't blame you if you're ready to conquer the world when the video ends. We sure are.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock