Video Proves That Dwight Howard Would be the Worst Point Guard Ever

Dwight Howard should stick to playing in the paint.

The big man position in the NBA is changing. Fans now often see centers and power forwards bring the ball up the court, pass the ball like a point guard and step outside the 3-point line to hit deep shots (think Draymond Green).

But Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard is not one of those big men.

During Wednesday's game against the Phoenix Suns, the 30-year-old center decided to bring the ball up the court after grabbing a defensive rebound, and it didn't go well.

After Howard crossed the half-court line, a teammate cut toward the basket and was wide open. The eight-time All-Star attempted a left-handed pass, but instead of connecting with his teammate, Howard completely missed the mark and fired the ball straight into the bottom of the backboard.

The play is almost as sad as it is funny. Making it worse, Howard threw up his arms in disbelief instead of running back on defense.

Howard hasn't averaged more than two assists per game his entire career. The 6-foot-11 big man should stick to getting the ball down low and gathering rebounds. He's been doing that since he entered the league. Though his attempted pass was horrendous, and the Hawks lost the game 109-107, Howard finished the night with 17 points and 14 rebounds.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock