WATCH: Carmelo Anthony Tries a Hilarious Defensive Strategy Against Steph Curry

Give Carmelo Anthony credit for trying to stop Steph Curry any way he could. But you have to give him a foul, too.

Carmelo Face-Guarding Steph Curry

The New York Knicks took on the Golden State Warriors last night at Madison Square Garden, where they lost 116-95. But unlike every other team that has played the Warriors, the Knicks did not go down due to the great shooting of Stephen Curry. The reigning MVP was held to 13 points on 5-for-17 shooting.

So what slowed number 30 down?

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It was great defense by Carmelo Anthony. OK, just kidding. But on one possession in the fourth quarter, Melo tried a different type of defense against the Warriors superstar. With Curry coming off a pick, Anthony switched to guard him on the perimeter—always a scary scenario for a defender.

Melo did what any basketball genius would do. He placed his hand on Curry's head, not letting him go anywhere. This is what we like to call big brother defense. If you have a younger brother, you know what we're talking about. You hold his head back while he keeps trying to hit you—just out of reach.

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The trick did cost Melo a foul, and it left Curry with a nice scratch on his forehead. Even with the contact, Curry made the shot—but it didn't count. Watch the hilarious new head-guarding tactic below.


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